Racial Comments Are Bad… But Rape Is Ok??

This whole Clippers story really sums up how ridiculous society in general is. Yea!! Let’s celebrate that a man says (as in words were said, let’s just remember he did not physically harm anybody) racial comments and gets banned for life from the NBA. Considering his track record that has now come out, I seriously doubt his behavior was a surprise to NBA higher ups. But then the word “boycott” gets thrown around and they have to “do something”. Are you people being serious right now..? Do you not see that this was done strictly because the NBA would have lost money??? Hello Mcfly???!!!! They didn’t do the “right” thing. Do you actually think they banned him because of his opinions?? First of all there is a little known constitutional right known as the first amendment giving him freedom of speech. For those of you that can’t follow.. it basically means he can say anything he wants about anybody he wants and it’s his right. Is what he said right?? Hell no! And I don’t agree with him in any manner. Ban him for life from NBA.. I really don’t care about that.. NBA doesn’t want the negative press so they ban him.. ok fine.

What really bothers me is that everyone jumps in on this hate wagon for this guy but how many NBA players have been known to abuse, rape, assault, and even attempt murder on women(this spanning all professional sports) yet fans walk around wearing their jerseys with their name on your back. Physical harm is done but society gives them a pass because they play a sport?!?! Really?? Your talent is to throw a ball around and apparently no rules apply. It’s disgusting seeing everyone celebrate this act and yet ignore all other behavior, women being the most surprising. Hilariously, there are men out there thinking that these women wanted to be with the professional players, they are out looking for money, gold diggers (per Jamie Foxx). I’m not saying that those women are not out there but I know that women don’t want to get beat down, or have to go to the hospital with internal bleeding.. that’s not consensual sex. It’s that type of thinking that is just as ignorant as the owner of the Clippers.

So just to get it straight.. because I want to be clear on this. Having a negative opinion of somebody, whether it race or anything else, is punishable but the abuse of women is fine? Plenty of people know my hatred of Kobe Bryant getting away with sexual assault even after they found blood on his shirt and rape kit evidence and yet the case was dropped. Like she wasn’t bullied in to not testifying so charges were dropped. Jason Kidd arrested and pleaded guilty of domestic abuse. DeShawn Stevenson plead no contest to statutory rape of a 14 yr. old!!! This is just a few NBA players! (there are plenty more) Where are the angry mobs in these matters?!?!?! A 14-year-old child.. (do you really think a child has the ability to cognitively seek out a player for “gold digging”??) NBA just ignores this behavior and why?? Well, clearly the fans are still buying tickets and jerseys so they don’t have to address it. So keep wearing your Lakers gear and making a rapist a millionaire. Make sure you solidify the fact that if you have money you can get away with anything.. except for apparently saying something racial.

Offended by offended mom…

Today I’m strolling through my Facebook feed and come across a story that is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting.  Basically a “mom” states her family vacation was ruined (ruined.. the whole vacation… ruined) because a Disneyland employee asked her to pull her top up, that she was showing too much skin.  Let me just stop here for a second..  The whole family vacation was ruined because of one comment from a person asking you to cover your cleavage at a family park??  If you are that sensitive then perhaps you need to stay home.  Already I can smell law suit on this absurd news story.  Based on comments in the article they are already setting it up with the statements like she was approached in front of other guests and her children overheard the comment.  Yep.. this is where the eye rolling starts.  You are at a family park basically for small children (or awesome adults who still enjoy being a kid at heart) you should not be offended that the park cares about how people are dressing, especially as a mom with young daughters.

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Secondly, what I find most disgusting is how they throw in her husband is a Marine just back from deployment.  Why is that even a factor in this story??  Was his cleavage out on display?? If he was just out of prison would they mention it?  Good job at trying to get sympathy and pulling the military card.  Instead of complaining about a simple request from a business, to which they are allowed to do because they are a business and can refuse your service for any reason, you should be celebrating the fact that your husband is home from deployment. There are some wives that don’t get to celebrate that.  I’m offended that it was even mentioned in the story.

Thirdly reading all the comments from other women on this article is so insane.  No wonder society is a mess.  Not only do we seem to think we can do whatever we want, whenever we want without any regard for others but we are SO offended when somebody says something to us about it.  Get over yourself!  Comments mention that if she was a size 4 then it probably wouldn’t have been an issue.  Oh please turn this in to the fact that Disneyland is discriminating against larger people.  I happen to bias because I am a Disneyland fan but anybody that has been to Disneyland has witnessed the amount of overweight people trolling around on motorized wheelchairs provided by Disneyland.  Clearly Disneyland is not the issue here.  And a person that is size 4 probably wouldn’t have a chest as large as this lady and it probably wouldn’t have been a problem.  The size 4 person most likely wouldn’t have cleavage.

Basically what is this mom teaching her children?  I would be embarrassed if a theme park had to ask me to cover up but I wouldn’t expect the theme park to apologize or expect free tickets.  If you don’t like the way they do business then don’t go back.   Again, as a business then can refuse you service for any reason they want.  It’s their right as a business.  Just as it’s your right not to go if you don’t like it.  So what I’m really saying is suck it up, grow up and enjoy life instead of trying to get something out of such a small incident where you probably should have been dressed more appropriate anyway.





Road Trip Day 2

Up early the next day to be at Universal Studios when it opened.  One might wonder why this is necessary and there are actually two reasons.  First being that you really do beat the crowds.. most people are either trying to eat breakfast (to which we did not do, note to Universal Stuidos.. having a Starbucks outside the park would be wonderful!) and secondly we had to leave the park by 4pm for a special adventure.

At this point I have had no coffee.. this alone should frighten people but we were on a mission to ride every ride at the park so I had to pull it together.  We had to wait just inside the park (I’m still confused why they let us in before the park opens only to have us wait behind another line until the part actually opens) again.. me without coffee.. I don’t know if I can express how important that part is.  First we headed straight to Simpson ride with hardly any wait.  This ride replaced the Back to the Future ride and despite my utter love for any 80’s movie the Simpson ride is pretty awesome.  Next we went to Transformers which was very stimulating (meaning lots going on, fire, speed, transformers) but not my favorite ride.  The Mummy is one of my favorites if not my favorite.  Very cool twist if you haven’t rode it.  By this time coffee is a requirement for my body to function right so we headed over to fulfill my addiction.

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Coffee downed with some pastries consumed,  I was back in the full swing of things.  We headed to the tram studio tour.  Some may think “Oh that ride is nothing, you just ride on a tram though random movie sets” while this is true there are a few surprises along the way.  I don’t want to ruin the ride for anybody but I will say you end up on a live set that simulates an earthquake in the subway of San Francisco.  It’s entertaining but one part I can’t figure is why the subway suddenly floods.  Where is this water actually come from?  As I happen to live near San Francisco I think this part is overkill and dramatic but I guess that’s Hollywood for you.  Anyway..  along with all this commotion a large wave of water comes over the side of the tram and in to my lap!!  Needless to say when I got off the tram it looked as though I pissed myself.  This worked out well because the next thing we did was the House of Horrors.  I could not express this experience in any way except that there was a lot of yelling and screaming with my eyes shut.  I literally yelled at a little person dressed up as Chucky. Throw in the profanity from Gemma and I’m sure they found us very amusing to frighten.

Come 3:30 we had conquered the park and ready for the next adventure.  A quick change and a small bite to eat we were headed over to Warner Brothers lot to see a taping of Mom.  Being a guest of Mrs. Anna Faris has it’s perks, meaning front row seating and a little green bracelet that allows for you to roam the set after filming wraps. Warning: Shameless plug!!  If you haven’t watched Mom I would definitely take the time to watch it.  Allison Janney and Anna have a great chemistry and the story line is pretty hilarious.  After a few drinks and a little celebrating (the show got picked up for a second season) we headed back to the hotel (did you sing it this time??)

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