Tabloid Bully

So recently a “tabloid” printed some incorrect and rude information about a certain celebrity and his family that just wasn’t true. I responded to their incorrect, ridiculous accusations and in turn they wrote about me. Of course all taken out of context and completely missing the sarcasm and ironic tone that I write in (clearly shows their lack of intelligence). Which just proves my point that they have no credibility or soul. So because they feel the need to dredge up information on hard-working people just trying to live their lives I thought it only fair that I see what information I can find on them. What’s that saying “let him without sin cast the first stone”. Considering how they have no issues trying to air out dirty laundry they must not have any of their own, right?

Wrong! First off, I’ll give them credit on not attaching a name to any of their articles but only putting “staff” as the writer. Any person with half a brain wouldn’t attach their name to these stories. So I guess the company that oversees these outstanding (just for clarification, that was sarcasm) publications, American Media Inc. According to my source (The Wall Street Journal) American Media themselves have had a little bit of their own money problems. In November of 2010 they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Unlike them I will also link you to where I get my information so you can see it hasn’t been fabricated or twisted in any way.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the behavior of a company that publishes the National Enquirer. You’ll notice I didn’t put a link to the articles they wrote because I don’t think they deserve the web traffic (look, I know the 10 of you that read my page aren’t going to crash their site but it’s the principal). These so called news sources twist and manipulate information to sell their magazines and it’s to their advantage that they have several outlets under name. I’m not saying there isn’t some truth to some of their gossip but if people want to believe that I actually can’t afford $100 a year for coffee please feel free to donate any funds to me.. I accept cash and checks! (I suppose this that last sentence will be taken out of context and used against me, guess I shouldn’t mention that big foot is my love slave.. OPPS! (This was a headline from National Enquirer but you can’t prove he’s not my love slave.) They have their forum and I have mine.. that’s why I have this page to begin with right? Granted mine isn’t on as large of a scale as theirs but I don’t profit from lies (well I guess they don’t profit either because New York Post put out an article recently that the company had to be bailed out again this June.. oppsy) like they try to.



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  1. You could definitely see your enthusiasm within the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. All the time go after your heart. “History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.” by Napoleon.

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