Weekly rant Vol. 1: Murdering, Rude, Scantily Clad Children

“”I killed that lady,” the 10-year-old boy told a Pennsylvania state trooper, after a 90-year-old woman was found dead in the home of the boy’s grandfather.” The fact that this is the leading line to any news story should chill you to the bone. Clearly children have become desensitized to these types of acts but you go ahead and keep telling yourself that violence in video games, television, movies and even Facebook doesn’t make an impact. When you see it so often it ends up as a normalcy rather than a shock.. Kind of like Rihanna naked, we’ve seen it so many times we don’t care anymore (did you really look at her ICloud leaked photos.. no.. Boring!) I mean I play video games and some are intense for me so I can only imagine if you are letting your children play them or you end up taking them to these movies that are extremely graphic. I’ve seen parents take their children (he’s too young to understand it is complete BS) so let’s not pretend it’s not happening. Wake up and be a damn parent, stop being your child’s friend and stop being guilted in to giving them everything they want just because you want them to have a better life than you had. If you want them to have a better life then make sure they are educated so they can support themselves with an awesome career!! You are creating little spoiled, jaded assholes!


While I’m on the subject, how about you stop letting your little princess dress like she’s offering herself up for sale (yes, that’s politely saying prostitute). Allowing her to wear crop tops with shorts so short her ass cheeks are exposed thinking it’s cute. Wake up and stop using the excuse “that’s the style” or “that’s all they sell”. Teach your kids some modesty (a couple episodes of 19 Kids and Counting wouldn’t hurt) and that they have more to offer than how they look and what their body has to offer. Mainly I’m complaining because once she gets knocked up as a teenager I really don’t want to support her while she’s on welfare because she can’t get a decent job because she didn’t graduate because you let her believe that sex is love and the only thing she has to offer is how good she looks in a bikini on Instagram (got to get in the 100 club) rather than an education.


In keeping the theme of unruly children it would be nice if you taught them some manners as well. Please and thank you should be a staple. This of course goes for adults as well. I don’t know if it’s because people are so engrossed with their phones that they fail to notice the actual human interaction they could have as people are standing all around them but they also fail to have manners. Paying attention to what is going on around you is more important than some lame fake story you are reading on Facebook. Do you know there was a study that said showed 17% of single men would rather have an IPhone over a girlfriend? Actual human interaction is less exciting than your cellular phone?? Pathetic people… but I’m getting off subject. This is about manners and lack of them. You may think your child cussing and throwing a fit is cute but to the rest of the world he is a blight on society. Plus when he/she is released in to the “real world” that you as a parent are supposed to be preparing him for, society just won’t put up with that and he/she will fail miserably and be one of those psychos on Hoarders or Dumbest Criminals.. Unless of course they are one of the kids from above paragraphs in which they will be on Teen Mom or American’s Most Wanted. Congrats and pat yourself on the back for procreating..


4 thoughts on “Weekly rant Vol. 1: Murdering, Rude, Scantily Clad Children”

  1. 10/10 Brandy. But you cant expect kids to have basic manners when their parents don’t. So many ‘adults’ seem to forget that a simple “please” & “thank you” cost nothing, but make the world a much nicer place. 🙂

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