“Who cares!” The Dress Debacle

We have all or most seen the “what color is the dress” debate going around online. By the way, I see the dress as white and gold. It was interesting to see how some people were on the blue/black team while the much brighter folks were on the white/gold team but let’s not focus on the small details. What really annoyed me were the folks that wrote “who cares!!”

Well apparently lots of people because it’s everywhere. A more important question to those that ask “who cares” is who cares about any of your posts? Who cares that you are at the doctor’s office (again!)? Who cares that your kid had a basketball game? Who cares that you are having a bad day? Who cares that you got dumped? Who cares that you feel it necessary to post any arbitrary moment of your life? Because the dress (god forbid) doesn’t somehow involve your small circle of the world you decide to take up space in then you don’t care? If Kim K breaks a nail or Jennifer Aniston is pregnant (again!) people post that all over so what is the difference? Because this is actually interesting and involves science and how our brains work? Or is it so far over your head that you act like you don’t care because you really just don’t understand it. hmmm..



It amazes me how self-involved people have become that they post on social media outlets their opinion, thoughts, ailments or drama and several things happen. Granted I post my opinion but this is my own website so you can shove off and not follow it if you don’t like it (just kidding.. don’t go!). If you disagree then you get attacked by their loyal followers, apparently having your own opinion isn’t allowed unless you agree with the person. It’s called having an adult conversation and your own opinion. Two people are allowed and often have differing opinions. It’s how you handle it that matters. Secondly they get mad you if judge them. Umm once you post it on social media then you are basically asking to be judged. It doesn’t have to be negative but when you go online and post that your baby daddy is screwing your sister then you are going to be judged. Sorry but you shouldn’t be posting that dirty laundry for everyone to see the stains in your skivvies. Here’s a helpful hint: Don’t post it online if you don’t want people in your business!!! It’s really not a hard concept.



What happened to modesty? To self-respect? To mutual respect? I don’t have any issues with social media but I also don’t post a lot of what is going on in my personal life. I hate to do it but I’m going to quote Iggy Azalea who recently said “the internet is the ugliest reflection of man” and I happen to agree. For some reason people think they can be rude. It’s easy to talk negatively towards somebody else when you are tapping away on your phone or behind a laptop. Elders used to teach the whole “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it at all”. Well it should still apply and especially online. If somebody does have a proud moment that they want to share (and they aren’t one of those “over share-ers) why is it there is always the one hater that has to comment.. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s usually “who cares?” Apparently you because you took the time to comment!

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