Right to Bare Boobs!!

I am SO tired of women fighting this ridiculous battle to make is legal to bare their chest in public.  The main argument being that the law is biased towards the female gender.  First thing first, we are two different genders.  Let’s get that straight right away.  There are several differences between men and woman both physically and psychologically hence the reason we are classified in to DIFFERENT genders (despite how often porn refers to chicks with dicks).  I was reading an article on this where a woman was protesting the fact that men can jog without a shirt and how unfair that was…  Ok.. unless you literally have no chest, as a woman it would be most uncomfortable jogging without some sort of support for the jugs.  Fact is that men and women do not have the same bodies and of course society accepts the differences in certain ways.

Secondly, these women  (which I can only imagine having saggy sweater stretchers) argue that it’s not fair that the law makes the assumption that women baring their beasts is considered sexual while men baring theirs is not.  Seriously!  And what  percentage of men do you see running (probably shirtless)  to the plastic surgeon to enlarge their breasts.  It comes down to psychology.  Men are visual and breast are a signal of a woman’s fertility. Women clearly don’t have this same distinction with a mans chest.  Hence the reason there is a sexual connection when a man see’s a woman’s chest.  Hello, why do you think they go to strip clubs to ogle  women.  The general ratio of female strip clubs to men strip clubs is 10-1.  If women didn’t really understand that the breast is so sexually then why do so many get implants and spend hundreds if not thousands in our lifetime buying different bras that lift, enhance and shape the breast.

Thirdly, lets be honest… People in general society are offended by EVERYTHING nowadays.  Where is the line drawn if they give the ok for women to go topless.  All it takes is a man to look a female’s chest just a little longer than she likes and suddenly she cries foul on the guy.  I mean age limits will need to be addressed because you wouldn’t want a man looking at a busty 16 year old going topless.  Women really need to accept that men and women are not equal  when it comes to physicality.  I’m all for the equal pay for equal work.. but to try and make the argument that indecency laws should work in the same manner is ludicrous.  If you are a woman and feel comfortable with your body then good for you.  But it doesn’t take away from the fact that you, as a women, are viewed in a sexual manner (did you not learn where babies come from?).

While I’m on the subject of knockers, can we also stop trying to make it socially acceptable to openly breast feed in public.  I’m not saying women should have to go hide themselves in a cave when their child is hungry but I also don’t agree with being ok to just whip your boob out anytime/anywhere to feed.  Most modest women will usually cover the baby feeding with a cloth or just excuse themselves to a more private place.  Despite the fact that you are feeding your child doesn’t take away the fact (mentioned above) that men will sexualize it.  Again, porn wouldn’t have a category for it if it wasn’t somehow sexual.  If I hear one more time that “it’s natural!” I may physically vomit on said person.  Of course it’s natural.. but do you know what’s more natural?  POOPING!  Because everybody does that.  But do you see people doing that in public??  NO!  so get off your mommy, mini van, running stroller band wagon and just accept that not everyone wants to see your tits out while your feed your kid.

The Good, The Bad and The Condescending Sarcasm.. All about me!

The other day I was talking about a skill I had and the person I was talking to had no idea I had such skill (not skill in general but that particular skill).  I guess I don’t really think about how I don’t share such tidbits about myself very often.  So this forevermore will be my reference!  I have decide to give you a general reference on what “Brandy” is all about (lucky you!).

First off I am a true introvert.  This isn’t to say that I’m shy but I have many, actually most conversations in my head and have no issues not talking to people.  Weird silences really don’t faze me because most likely I’m having a most interesting conversation in my head anyway.  I think a big part of this awesome introvert personality trait comes from the following events in my life; I was sexually abused from the age of around 4 yrs. old to 12 yrs. old, I was sexually assaulted at age 16, raped at 19 and sexually assaulted again at 22.  Now these are events that happened in my life, they do not make up who I am but have took a part in sculpting how I view the world.  Read the book (still being worked on) if you want the details on all that mess.

Now that we got the gory details out of the way.. time for some fun facts!  I am a pretty good baker.  I don’t love to bake enough that I want to make a career out of it, plus I would be on My 600 LB Life if I was a baker.  I played the flute from 5th grade through Jr. High and was a first chair but dropped that when I went in to high school.  I also have knowledge of playing the piano but honestly have never learned a full song.. I’m an intro girl.  I sing and was part of honor choir back in the school days but my introvert nature has held me back from nurturing that skill. I love music but generally not for the lyrics.  I like the little nuances in different songs like a trumpet solo, clarinet in the background, little things like that.  I also sew, knit, crochet and anything else country but just because I have the knowhow doesn’t mean I spend much time doing it.

Time for the good part!  My beliefs and political stances… actually I hate politics because both sides are full of crap and lie through their teeth to get what they want which has nothing to do with the general population.  I stay away from politics and religion.  But I was raised under the notion that ladies don’t cuss and that cussing makes you sound ignorant.  I still abide by that rule to date.  I am not a person that wastes time talking to you if I don’t like you.  I can’t do the whole fake nice routine.  Never could and never plan to learn to.  Life is WAY too short to waste my time learning about somebody I really have no interest retaining information on.  I also don’t care what your social status is, I base my opinion of you on the way you treat other people.  Nobody is above anybody else despite the amount of money you have or don’t have unless you treat other people poorly.  We are all human despite where we are in life and should be treated as such unless you are a horrible person.

Why I’m weird..  I HATE sharing my food.  I don’t know where that comes from but it’s been that way for my whole life and probably not going to change.  I’m not a good person to stay in contact with people.  I’m a lone wolf and don’t need people around me to feel content so please don’t be offended if I don’t contact you often.  I mean even one of my most favorite people (Gemma M) in the world is subject to this treatment by me, despite the fact that adore and miss her tons!  I revert back to a child when it comes to animals and Disneyland (not my best trait). I have zealous love for Ron Howard!  Not sexual in any way.  I just find him most interesting!  I see Abe Lincoln almost every day in some shape or form (this does not include on any money).  For example, we were recently in Hawaii, we were walking down Main street in Lahaina, and randomly decided on a restaurant. Just 5 minutes after we set down we heard the phrase “Have you seen Lincoln”.  The boyfriends’ eyes got wide as he turned around to see that a man was asking somebody at the table behind us if they had seen the movie!  Freaky right?  I have literally hundreds of these incidents that occur with plenty of witnesses.  Don’t know why it happens but I just go with it.

So that’s me…  I mean I’m a lot more complicated, nerdy, weird and mysterious than all that (what did Shrek say.. I have layers like an onion!) but you get the general jest.. as I’ve heard more than a few times.. I’m unique!

Bare Back Opinion

One of the best things to do after reading an article on any news site is to then scroll down to the comments to see how people react. It’s amazing how nasty and tasteless people get when they are behind a screen basically anonymous.   I know I’m not the only one that finds this fascinating.. How many times have we seen the Michael Jackson with popcorn “I’m only here for the comments” meme?  It amazes me just how narrow minded and ignorant people can be.  There seems to be this trend that if you don’t believe in something that everyone else does then you are somehow wrong when in general all we have are opinions.  Just because you happen to believe in something and think its right doesn’t mean if I don’t that I’m wrong.  Ever heard of the “we will just have to agree to disagree”.

The article I read today was about a Canadian high school student (17) that got suspended because she wrote a letter to her vice principal.  She wrote this letter because he told her she could wear a particular dress that exposed her (tattooed) back and bra straps.  She was suspended because of the letter.  First off let me address my opinion on the situation.  She came out looking like a spoiled little high school girl that somehow thinks the rules don’t apply to her.  Her letter addressed an “unjust” standard towards women and how they are “discriminated against” their bodies.  What does this little girl even know about the subject?  Secondly there is school dress codes put in place so that kids don’t get out of control with their clothing.  I know at my high school boys couldn’t even wear hats and we couldn’t wear tank tops so I don’t see why not barring you back is an issue.  If you want to express yourself with your attire then do so when you aren’t at school.  Reality check is that most jobs have a dress code that you must adhere to so you may as well get used to it.  You are at school to learn, not express your true self with what you are wearing.  Get over yourself.

Canadian Teen Dress Code Article

Then I scrolled down to the comments.  People were putting this little girl in the same category as Joan of Arc!!!  For what?!?!  Writing a snarky letter to her vice principal??  Sorry sweetheart but you are just another spoiled little brat that needs attention because mommy and daddy are probably too busy working so they can hand you everything in life instead of you actually having to work for it.  If your biggest issue in high school is that you want to show your bra straps and back tattoo then you should be thankful.  So clearly there are those that support her cause and then there are the folks like me.  It’s funny how when those people comment about how they disagree they are then attacked for their own stance.  How does that make sense?  I mean she wrote the letter to give her opinion but when people respond with their opinion they are called names, told to shut up, they should “kill themselves”..  One person compared it to a civil rights issue!  What type of society are we living in?

After checking out this girls Facebook page it’s clear to anybody with any intelligence that she is clearly doing all this for attention.  Based on her photos from her page it doesn’t appear she is a about women’s rights.  She picked a great subject that would rile people up regardless of what “side” you were on when in reality it’s not even that big of a deal.  There is much greater things going on in the world that should be discussed besides this girls exposed back.  And if you have an opinion that you think is right and somebody doesn’t agree with you it doesn’t make them wrong.  They just have a different view of the world and they are entitled to their own opinion regardless, just as you are entitled to yours.  So settle down and get off your high horse.