Right to Bare Boobs!!

I am SO tired of women fighting this ridiculous battle to make is legal to bare their chest in public.  The main argument being that the law is biased towards the female gender.  First thing first, we are two different genders.  Let’s get that straight right away.  There are several differences between men and woman both physically and psychologically hence the reason we are classified in to DIFFERENT genders (despite how often porn refers to chicks with dicks).  I was reading an article on this where a woman was protesting the fact that men can jog without a shirt and how unfair that was…  Ok.. unless you literally have no chest, as a woman it would be most uncomfortable jogging without some sort of support for the jugs.  Fact is that men and women do not have the same bodies and of course society accepts the differences in certain ways.

Secondly, these women  (which I can only imagine having saggy sweater stretchers) argue that it’s not fair that the law makes the assumption that women baring their beasts is considered sexual while men baring theirs is not.  Seriously!  And what  percentage of men do you see running (probably shirtless)  to the plastic surgeon to enlarge their breasts.  It comes down to psychology.  Men are visual and breast are a signal of a woman’s fertility. Women clearly don’t have this same distinction with a mans chest.  Hence the reason there is a sexual connection when a man see’s a woman’s chest.  Hello, why do you think they go to strip clubs to ogle  women.  The general ratio of female strip clubs to men strip clubs is 10-1.  If women didn’t really understand that the breast is so sexually then why do so many get implants and spend hundreds if not thousands in our lifetime buying different bras that lift, enhance and shape the breast.

Thirdly, lets be honest… People in general society are offended by EVERYTHING nowadays.  Where is the line drawn if they give the ok for women to go topless.  All it takes is a man to look a female’s chest just a little longer than she likes and suddenly she cries foul on the guy.  I mean age limits will need to be addressed because you wouldn’t want a man looking at a busty 16 year old going topless.  Women really need to accept that men and women are not equal  when it comes to physicality.  I’m all for the equal pay for equal work.. but to try and make the argument that indecency laws should work in the same manner is ludicrous.  If you are a woman and feel comfortable with your body then good for you.  But it doesn’t take away from the fact that you, as a women, are viewed in a sexual manner (did you not learn where babies come from?).

While I’m on the subject of knockers, can we also stop trying to make it socially acceptable to openly breast feed in public.  I’m not saying women should have to go hide themselves in a cave when their child is hungry but I also don’t agree with being ok to just whip your boob out anytime/anywhere to feed.  Most modest women will usually cover the baby feeding with a cloth or just excuse themselves to a more private place.  Despite the fact that you are feeding your child doesn’t take away the fact (mentioned above) that men will sexualize it.  Again, porn wouldn’t have a category for it if it wasn’t somehow sexual.  If I hear one more time that “it’s natural!” I may physically vomit on said person.  Of course it’s natural.. but do you know what’s more natural?  POOPING!  Because everybody does that.  But do you see people doing that in public??  NO!  so get off your mommy, mini van, running stroller band wagon and just accept that not everyone wants to see your tits out while your feed your kid.

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