Ron Howard Theory


“Your taste in men is very eccentric and strange” It was a statement that I was originally defensive about but then considered it a complement. The whole conversation was stemmed by my mention of admiration for Ron Howard. There is also a prior history of conversations about my fascination with other men people call “strange” but this one really perplexed the person I was speaking with. “Ron Howard? From Happy Days? Opie?” I get this a lot so I’m used to the line of questioning as clearly they think I don’t know who Ron Howard actually is. “Yes,” I simply reply back. I’m used to the reaction because Ron Howard isn’t the only person that I have what some people would call a weird fascination with. Jon Gruden is also on my list. Let’s just say when N’Sync was popular I was drawn to Chris Kirkpatrick rather than Justin Timberlake. This is when I noticed my taste in what intrigued me was vastly different than those around me. If anybody remembers the Smooth Criminal music video by Alien Ant Farm, I would watch solely for Tye Zamora (bassist) because of how much personality he portrayed in that video.


I’m sure there are plenty of women out there that have similar infatuations like me. I can’t be the only one out there captivated by Ron Howard. He’s an interesting guy. I’ve even had a dream in which he and I were friends. However I’ve had a similar dream about Abe Lincoln where we had conversations but that’s a whole other story. Let’s clarify that the allure that I have isn’t sexual. There are plenty of men out there that are extremely hot and I would seriously considering serving jail time for lude acts with but as I’ve grown up my tastes have changed. If any of you have spent time with what most of society would consider a really good looking man then you will understand that it doesn’t always come with great conversation. I know, this is where all the men that think they are hot act offended because they think they can carry on a conversation. But I’m not saying that they aren’t intelligent, I’m just saying I feel there is more to life than looking at something that’s visually stimulating. I’m drawn to something unique and separates that person from everyone else.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of speaking with somebody that has a passion for something more than themselves, then you are truly missing out. There is a type of electricity that these people exude that is astounding and thrilling to be around. Watching Jon Gruden stomp up and down the field while he was coaching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made my Sundays. There is something about the work, knowledge and effort that these people put in what they do that attracts me to them. Not only do they achieve what they want but they also appear to have great personalities, sense of humor and don’t take themselves seriously. It’s not how good somebody looks but what sets them apart from everyone else that’s key. So what if Jon Gruden resembles a serial killing Good Guy doll by the third quarter of a game, it’s exhilarating to watch!


Looks fade and if you try to keep up and get work done to keep looking young then you end up looking worse. Ok, so you don’t have wrinkles but you look like an alien, skin stretched out so much your eye lids touch your ears. Part of aging and maturing is taking the nuances of all that comes with it. However personality and the unique traits typically don’t change and are a part of who that person is. Their passion for what they do, whether it be sparking imagination through movies or coaching a NFL football team. That’s the turn on for me. Putting your heart and soul in to it, not taking yourself too seriously and just doing what you love. And when they all look back and are 80+ they will have the best stories to tell and what I wouldn’t do to be there to hear them all!